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We always want the best for our customers - that's why we work with carefully selected brands that share our philosophy and for our partners - that's why we focus on long-term cooperation, trust and the resulting growth.



We want to encourage the population not only to be active but to feel safe as well. And to this purpose, we are always looking for new opportunities.



Since 2008, we have been involved in the improvement and cultivation of the swimming environment, especially in cooperation with Swimaholic Swimaholic, which has become the largest seller of swimming equipment in the Czech Republic and operates in 13 European countries.



We act as an official distributor for the Czech Republic of well-known swimming brands such as SwimSecure or Aquafeel and we are constantly expanding our portfolio, both with established brands and new, innovative manufacturers who are still building their place in Central Europe.



Our brands

Swimaholic - the largest swimming store in the Czech Republic, operating on the market since 2008. For the last few years, it has also been involved in the development of its own product line for hobby swimmers. You will hear about them in a few years 😉



Aquafeel - a German brand that brings the latest innovative products not only to professional swimmers but also to the general public. And that's why we love them 🙂


SwimSecure - a British company whose mission is to make you feel safe in the water. It, therefore, focuses primarily on outdoor swimming, where its products can be seen mainly among open-water swimmers and triathletes.


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